Pool Availability

The table below shows availability at the pool for the next three days. Up until 6pm, this will include today. After that time it will show the following three days.
Green slots are bookable, Red are already booked, White is non-bookable (eg. the pool is closed)

Swim slot 23/07 24/07 25/07
Lane Lane Lane
1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3
06:00xxx xx
06:30xxx xxx
07:00xxx xx x
07:30xx xxx xx
08:00xxx xxx x
08:30xxx xxx x
09:00xx xxx xx
09:30xxx xxx xxx
10:00xxx xxx xxx
10:30xxx xxx xx
11:00xxx xxx xx
11:30xxx xxx xx
12:00xxx xxx xxx
12:30xxx xxx xx
13:00xxx xxx
13:30xxx xxx
14:00xxx xxx xx
14:30xxx xxx x
15:00xxx xxx x
15:30xxx xxx x
16:00xx xxx xx
16:30xxx xxx x
17:00xxx xxx
17:30xxx xxx
18:00xxx xxx x
18:30xx xxx x
19:00xxx xxx x
19:30xxx xx x
20:00xxx x