Standby Booking

From here you can make an “standby” booking to swim either as an individual or as a family group.  This is in addition to any existing booking.  Please note that a standby booking can only be made for a slot today.  Furthermore, you may only make one additional standby booking per day.  This facility is likely to be suspended at peak periods as we want to ensure the pool can be used by as many members as possible.  If you have no outstanding bookings, there is no advantage in making a standby booking as you won’t then be able to make a standard booking.

If you provide a valid email address you will be sent a confirmation email.

Firstly we need to know the two numbers printed on your gate card.  The prefix number starts with a “K” and is followed by 4 digits (it is probably best to include the “K”).  The second number is usually 7 digits long.  For more information, or if you cannot read them, please see the help information.
Please also select your initial lane preference – note that Lane 1 is very popular!